Our warranty covers an extensive range of potential issues, and we recommend that you take care of your purchase by following our recommendations below.

Our hand crafted planters and site furnishings carry a 10-year limited warranty on their structure, and a 2-year warranty on powder coat finishes.

Our warranty covers any defects in manufacturing that become apparent during the normal use of our product. The warranty does not cover loss due to theft, nor to damage caused by misuse, abuse, modifications, improper storage, or acts of nature. The warranty does not cover any parts or products that are subject to normal wear and tear.

Green Theory Design Inc. reserves the right to repair and/or replace with the same product in case of approved warranty claim. The warranty does not cover any, nor allow for any recovery of incidental or consequential damages such as loss of use, damage to property, or other consequential damage.

All of our site furnishings carry a 2 year finish warranty and a 10 year structural warranty.

Our thermally-modified ash contains a 10 year warranty against rot.

Our premium plastic lumber contains a 25 year limited warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to elect whether to repair, replace or offer a full refund on defective products. No refunds on shipping fees. Our warranty is valid from the original date of purchase. Proof of purchase and original invoice may be required for all claims. Warranty is non-transferrable.

Warranty Document

Care & Maintenance

For our timber products

Although our thermally-modified ash products are durable and naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and normal wear, proper maintenance and cleaning with OSMO Oil wood care products can help preserve their beautiful appearance.

The wood will naturally age to a silver/grey color over time when exposed to UV light. It is important to keep the surface clean and avoid spills and scratches, which can be blended with sanding if necessary. Following instructions and regular wood care will ensure long-lasting enjoyment and maintain the original coloration.

The thermally-modified ash color is not resistant to UV light. However, the silver/grey color does not affect its resistance to decay. To maintain or restore the original color, use OSMO Oil finishes and cleaners. Light sanding can also remove the silvering and restore the original wood tones, or OSMO Wood Reviver can be used for easier restoration.
Color differences between thermally-modified ash boards are common in natural wood products. Shape distortion is less common than in untreated wood but minor distortions can still occur. The color of the boards can change at different rates depending on UV exposure, rain, shade, climate, and sun orientation.

The thermally-modified ash may develop small stress cracks, typically not wider than 1116″ and without a length limit. Surface hairline cracks are natural and nothing to worry about. The surface of properly installed thermally-modified will shrink and swell faster than its core, resulting in these cracks during the shrinking process. Some boards may have more surface-checking due to growing conditions.

Applying OSMO Oil regularly can help minimize these cracks. Follow the oil manufacturer’s guidelines regarding application amount, temperature, and drying time, as they directly impact the oil’s performance and appearance of thermally-modified ash is highly stable but can still absorb and release moisture through the exposed end grain, which may lead to small cracks and end splits if it happens too quickly.

To minimize this, apply OSMO End Grain Sealing Wax on the ends of the boards before installation, taking care not to apply excess wax on the visible surface. Our thermally-modified ash is easy to clean with a mild detergent and brush should be used. Pressure washing is not necessary nor recommended. The natural result of our modification process is a rich brown color. Maintaining this color on an exterior application requires an oil based finish is applied. Over time, when left untreated, thermally-modified ash will age naturally to a stunning silver.

For our aluminum Products

Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge – do not scrub vigorously. Use a soft brush (non-abrasive) and a dilute solution of a mild detergent – do not use solvents. E.g. pH – neutral liquid hand dish-washing detergent in warm water to remove dust, salt and other deposits. Ensure you thoroughly rinse the surfaces with clean fresh water after cleaning to remove all residue or detergent films.