Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The environment means the world to us. We do the most we can by using ethically sourced materials, energy-efficient machinery, and reducing material waste through our LO Program so we can all enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

Strategy & Approach

Our mission at Green Theory is to transform any environment into an eco-friendly outdoor space, utilizing the best manufacturing practices that our industry offers. All our products are highly considered in terms of design, material, sustainability, and end-of-life so that we can support a greener future for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

LO Program

We’ve built a scalable infrastructure that allows for product design from waste material. We’ve named it LO (Which stands for Left Overs) and it identifies materials that would otherwise be discarded or recycled as material for smaller and functional tools or objects.

Local Manufacturing

The Green Theory team is based out of British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. From design and production, to our sales and admin team, our team values quality and collaboration.

Our customers can rely on us for honest and upfront expertise and information to achieve the best results. We always aim to go beyond expectations to achieve the most optimal result.

Sustainability is in the details


We exclusively use marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel in our manufacturing due to their high durability, recyclability, and low environmental impact. Additionally, these materials have a lower carbon footprint compared to other alternatives, as they require less energy during production and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Powder Coating

We use powder coating in our manufacturing process for its exceptional durability and versatility, providing long-lasting protection against weather, UV rays, and corrosion while offering a wide range of attractive finishes. Powder coating eliminates the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and offers exceptional energy efficiency for a healthier working environment and planet.

Sustainable Wood

Made from recycled materials in a closed-loop process, these materials are the durable, long-lasting and all-weather solution. They provide versatility of design that is unparalleled with traditional lumber, and available in any shape, any length, any color. The commercial materials resist water, mildew, moisture, insects, chemicals and surface stains.

Thermally Modified Ash Wood

Our wood selection is based on both durability and sustainability. While tropical hardwoods are common in our industry, we prefer a thermally modified ash, harvested in America from growth forests created for that very purpose. This places immediate value on protecting old-growth and tropical rain forests as well as supporting local economies.

Recycled HDPE

We use recycled HDPE lumber because it provides significant environmental benefits such as reducing plastic waste, conserving resources, and reducing pollution. It’s durability and low maintenance make it a sustainable choice for our business. By using recycled HDPE lumber, we contribute to a circular economy and actively promote a greener future.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Our British Columbia locations are powered by the clean and renewable energy of flowing water with the utilization of hydroelectricity. Within our manufacturing facilities, we use pneumatic tools and run electric forklifts, scissors lifts, and packaging machines, further reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Environmental Stewardship

Reducing the use of energy and giving back to the earth helps us stay focused on creating products that complement and honor the natural world. That’s why environmental stewardship is at the forefront of our business today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

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